More About Us

Need someone to look after your home and pets while you’re away?      Call us: 07932848762

We understand that choosing someone to look after your home and pets can be a difficult decision. Hopefully this page will help you get to know us and answer any questions you might have. If we’ve missed something, just send us an email and ask.

Do you like animals?

Yes! We LOVE animals. Animals are close to our hearts and we both had family pets when we were growing up. We once had a pet sit where we looked after 8 dogs! We’ve met some fantastic animals during our house sits, here are a few of them:

Where do you work?

We both work in online PR for a British company. Our job is location-independent, so we can work anywhere in the world, provided that we have reliable internet access. We work part-time, so don’t worry, we still have plenty of time to take care of your home and pets. Sometimes they work with us!

What do you do in your free time?

We enjoy a quiet life and like to travel slowly. We spend our time learning Spanish, cooking vegetarian food and hiking whenever we can. We love nature and the outdoors, but have also spent a lot of time travelling in big cities.  Charlie also writes a travel blog.

Do you charge for your services?

No, we look after other people’s homes and pets free of charge. The accommodation we receive in return means we can live abroad and see new places, which is payment enough.

Do you do short or long term house sits?

We do both! We are interested in hearing about any house sits, both long and short term ones. Depending on our location and availability we can let you know whether it’s possible for us to house or pet sit for you.

Will there be a handover period?

This is entirely up to you, but we really like to have a day or two before the house sit, so that you can get to know us. It also helps us to make sure we can take care of your home and pets exactly how you want us to. We’ll always make some notes so that we don’t forget anything!

Do you drive?

Yes, we both have a full, clean UK driver’s license.

Do you smoke?

No, we are both non-smokers.

You’re vegetarian. Will you still feed my dog bones?

Yes, no problem. We’ll feed your pets exactly the same as you do. Just let us know what they usually eat and when, and we will follow the same routine. We don’t mind giving meat and bones to dogs – just as long as we don’t have to eat it! ;)

What did you do before you were house and pet sitters?

Before we started house and pet sitting, we worked as English teachers in Taiwan. We lived and worked in a small town where only a few people spoke English, but we adapted well and learned bits and pieces of Chinese. Most of our time was spent at the school with children aged 2 – 16. We were responsible for teaching classes, organising school trips and plenty of admin work!


2 thoughts on “More About Us

  1. Great Profile My Lovable gentle pets and I would love to have you ..long term if possible with charming furnished tranquil little hobby farm in LOVELY area of Costa Rica MILD year round weather except warm rain in Oct :):) OWN private fully furnished flat or Rustic chalet..GREAT WIFI INTERNET Lovely gated 3 acres of tranquility and VIEWS live in gardener/handyman (when he can LOL ) down by the gate so you have lots of privacy…beautiful place and setting had great tenants who worked from home so good WIFI…OPENINGS OCT onwards LOVE to hear from you
    please email if available… can also be long term…Some have stayed as long as a year :):) email is

    Cheers Deb from Liverpool:)

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