Our Services

Let us love your home and pets as much as you do.

Our services are free.

When you choose a house and pet sitter, you want to know exactly what to expect. We’re pretty flexible, but we set up this page to let you know what our services generally include. If there’s something extra you need, just ask us!

Home Care

  • General Cleaning – mopping floors, hoovering, cleaning surfaces, thorough bathroom cleaning, and laundering of sheets and curtains.
  • General Maintenance – changing lightbulbs, small repairs around the house.
  • Recycling and Trash Disposal – including all types of recycling, composting, and any other requirements for your area.
  • Security – we keep an eye on your property and possessions, so that you can enjoy your time away from home without worrying.

Pet Care

  • Love and Attention – your pets can expect lots of love and cuddles from us!
  • General Care – everyday things like feeding pets, walking dogs, cleaning and grooming, cleaning out kennels and chicken coops.
  • Vet Visits – we are happy to take your pets along to the vet for any check-ups or treatment they may require. Just let us know!

Garden Care

  • General Gardening – watering plants, mowing the lawn, taking care of herbs, re-potting plants, planting flowers, growing vegetables, pruning bushes.

What we can offer you

Any time – We’re flexible and available for both short and long term house sits.

• Tidy house, tidy mind – We are both very clean and neat people who love the simple things in life, including keeping a home tidy and watering the plants.

Animal lovers – We have experience caring for cats, dogs, chickens and more – we’d be happy to care for any pets and understand how treasured they are!



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