Antigua, Guatemala

(September 2016)

We had the pleasure of pet sitting for a beautiful husky and a rescued street dog.We walked the dogs every morning in the local neighbourhood, and played ball in the garden in the afternoons.

Reference available upon request.

Merida, Mexico

(July 2016)

We had two back-to-back house sits in Merida during July. For our first house sit, we pet sat for two adorable kittens in an old colonial house in Merida’s Santiago neighbourhood. Our second house sit was located in Santa Ana where we looked after one very shy cat and one very dominant cat. We took care of cleaning the swimming pools at both houses.

Reference available upon request.

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

(February 2015)

We house sat one lively puppy and 2 cats on Ometepe Island. We also helped out with watering and taking care of the garden where the homeowners grow sweet potatoes, yuca and pigeon peas.

Reference available upon request.

Puriscal, Costa Rica

(May-July 2014 / October-November 2014 / January 2015)

We house sat in a family home in the mountains surrounding San Jose on multiple occasions. We looked after 11 dogs and 1 cat.

Reference available upon request.

They wrote us this lovely thank you card too! :)


Boquete, Panama

(December 2014)

We house sat three gorgeous golden retrievers over Christmas and New Year in Panama.

Reference available upon request.


Quepos, Costa Rica

(August-October 2014)

“As a permanent resident of Costa Rica and living here since 20 years I am in need of house and pet sitters every time I have to leave the country. I found Charlie and Luke online and contacted them to see if they are interested in house sitting for me for 1.5 months. We first communicated by email and later met in person briefly.
Charlie and Luke spent two days together with me at my house so they could meet the animals, and get know about the important household things. I think this is a great concept getting to know each other. My animals loved them and I left for my trip with a real good feeling and confident that things go well for this first time.
They are great when it comes to communication and handled even difficult and unexpected situations very well and professionally. My animals were happy and healthy when I came back and we were sad to see them leave. If they pass your way and you are in need of good house and pet sitters – catch them if you can!”
~ Christiane, Costa Rica

Further reference available upon request.

Liverpool, UK

 (March 2014)

“Charlie and Luke were excellent, organised and caring house and pet sitters. They looked after my two birds, Lily, a cockatiel and Louis, a Senegal parrot, and my Liverpool flat whilst I was away. The birds took to them really well and they kept the flat clean and tidy. I was very pleased and I would definitely have them back.”
~ Natalie, UK

Exeter, UK

(Charlie’s housemate of 2 years, 2010-2012)

“I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Charlie and Luke as house sitters. They are both very honest, capable and lovely house sitters.

I lived with Charlie for two years at University and have now known her for four years. She is a very trustworthy and reliable person and an absolute delight to live with. Charlie is clean, and very kind. She is able to keep shared spaces in a neat and safe condition, and is proficient at household chores and responsibilities. She also appreciates the importance of security and would show great care and attention for your property.

I have known Luke for three years now, and can also recommend him for the role of house sitter. He is neat, calm and easy-going. Both he and Charlie love animals and understand how best to care for them. They also both have experience of living in different places, through their travels and jobs abroad, and are very good at getting on with new people.”
~ Rachel, UK


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